Please note that the above scale of fees is not a quote and you should contact our offices and seek a quote specific to you taking into account all your circumstances.


Where the sale price is over £750,000 you should contact our offices and seek a quote specific to you.


All the above figures are required to have VAT added to them at the standard rate for the time being.


We typically work on a fixed fee basis, ensuring that you know what the fees will be for your transaction from the outset. If, during the transaction, there is a new development or something we were unaware of when we initially quoted you, we will discuss the change in fees with you and agree a way forward.


Our fees cover all the work required to complete the sale of your property.


In addition, the following will be charged:-

Payments to Third Parties

There are certain costs related to your matter which are payable to third parties, such as Land Registry fees. We handle the payment of these fees on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.


For Leasehold properties there is a requirement for a Seller’s Pack containing replies to Leasehold Property Enquiry Form (LPE1) which is provided by your Freeholder / Landlord or their Managing Agents. There is a usually a charge for providing a Seller’s Pack which varies from property to property but can be anything from £200 to £500. Until we are instructed and we correspond with the relevant party we are unable to confirm this and you should make provision for this as this will not be included in any quote to you.


We do not undertake tax advice.


Our fees are fixed, however there may be factors which would typically increase the cost of the fees estimated above. Where there is likely to be any additional cost, we will make sure you are informed of this at the earliest opportunity and a clear estimate of those extra costs will be provided.

Factors that may lead to an increase in cost include:

  • If a legal title is defective or part of the property is unregistered

  • If you discover building regulations or planning permission has not been obtained

  • If crucial documents, we have previously requested from you have not been provided to us

  • If the property is a new build

  • If the property is less than 10 years old

  • If you require to exchange within 6 weeks of instructing us

  • If you require completion within 6 weeks of instructing us

  • If you require simultaneous exchange and completion



For any transaction, the timescales are subject to change depending on when your offer is accepted and factors involved such as:

  • Number of parties in the chain

  • Whether you have a mortgage in place

  • Whether you are buying a new build property

  • Whether you need a lease extension for a leasehold property

A typical transaction will take between 10-14 weeks. However, if any of the above apply, or there are other factors we need to take into consideration, it may increase the time by a further 4-6 weeks and additional charges may occur. We will discuss this with you at the earliest opportunity so you always have a clear picture of how long things are likely to take.