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Because uncontested probate and estate administration is charged on a time spent basis it is difficult to provide costings without knowing the composition of the estate and whether a Will exists. In order to enable us to provide better accurate costs we do not charge for an initial meeting. This enables us to discuss your requirements and provide a much more relevant quotation.

Probate and estate administration is charged on a time spent basis. A senior solicitor is likely to charge a fee of £300 per hour whereas a paralegal will be charged at £125 per hour.

It is impossible to be precise about the charges for dealing with an estate because it is so dependent on the size and composition. Having said that if the estate is non-taxable and we are being instructed to prepare and submit an HMRC account and obtain the Grant of Representation based on figures supplied by the Executor we would charge £1,750 - £1,950 plus VAT and court fees.

If the estate is taxable and we are being asked in addition to deal with the payment of tax we would charge a fixed fee from £2,500 plus VAT and court fees.

If we are instructed to obtain values for the estate assets, submit the tax return, obtain the Grant and then distribute the estate we would expect the fees to be from £5,000 plus VAT and court fees.

As stated above each estate is different and many factors will effect the charges. One of the most difficult and time consuming is where the deceased owned shares but does not have the certificates.

The additional requirements of the registrars can add up to 30 minutes (£150) per holding.

Whilst many of these circumstances cannot be anticipated and are unique to the transaction, there are some matters that occur frequently and to follow through on our commitment to give you the best possible information on costs right from the outset, we will supply upon request a list of likely additional costs should any of these situations arise during your transaction.

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